Samskriti, meaning ‘cultural tradition’ in Sanskrit, was established in 1994 with the vision of uniting cultural traditions between the East and the West.  By bringing the best of Indian fine arts from around the world to Houston audiences and by promoting cross-cultural programs involving Indian and American artists from different ethnic backgrounds in meaningful collaborations,  Samskriti has more than amply fulfilled its mission in its twenty-three years of operation so far.

Samskriti regularly presents programs that are both unique in content and outstanding in artistic merit, such as The Durga Project by Jonathan Hollander’s New York based Battery Dance Company, Cleveland Cultural Alliance’s The Living Tree, and Sheejith Krishna’s Don Quixote, which increase audience appreciation for the performing arts of the East. Samskriti is a regular presenter of unique and very well attended cultural programs at the Miller Outdoor Theatre, which are free to the public and attract diverse audiences from all over Houston.

In addition to commissioning, producing and presenting numerous major shows, Samskriti has organized educational seminars and workshops in traditional as well as contemporary Indian art forms by eminent scholars and artists from different countries. Samskriti also does many outreach programs in local schools, hospitals, geriatric centers and other community venues.

Samskriti is a trail-blazer, with its seven international arts conferences in Houston, including North America’s First International Conference, Indian Dance in the Diaspora (2001). By inviting scholars, art historians, choreographers and performers from India, Canada, UK and the US, Samskriti has enriched Houston’s arts scene and made a strong niche for itself in the mainstream.

A united and dedicated Board has helped propel Samskriti towards earning its current reputation as a strong ethnic arts organization that has kept the folk and traditional arts of India alive in Houston with the culturally rich and high caliber performances that it brings to the city year after year.


Sanchali Basu – President
Roopa Gir – Vice President
Vish Bhaskaran – Treasurer
Krishna Mudan – Secretary
Rathna Kumar – Artistic Director
Sheela Rao – Director
Arun Mahadevan
Thara Narasimhan – Past President

Advisory Board

Sesh Bala
Prabha Bala
Suma Mudan
Amitava Sarkar


Anu Mahesh/ Mahesh Subramanian